Professor Binns’ History lecture: Of the Haremoon’s founder Tiergan Odd & his way to starting the fifth Hogwarts house. 

Tiergan Odd was a wizard born more than a thousand years ago in Ireland to a Welsh mother and Irish father. The Odd family acted as advisors to both high-born and low-born, getting paid for their help.

The Odd family moved to England when Tiergan was eight years old. At some point before that, the house of Slytherin engaged the Odds in an advisory action within which Tiergan met Salazar Slytherin, future founder of the Slytherin house in The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

After establishing a new home in England, Tiergan began wizardry schooling in with the local mage. Although he had already been taught writing, reading, and simple calculus, it was there where he got his basic education in spells and potion-making. It is a known fact that Godric Gryffindor, also a founder of Hogwarts, studied with the same mage. It is therefore very likely that the two met, but no records of further acquaintances exist.

At the age of nine, Tiergan fell ill and was diagnosed with dragon pox. Although he came out of that battle as a winner, the fight left him weak which is why his parents thought it best that he depart to Wales for some time to stay with his grandparents and heal. Struck with the rural beauty and a sense of adventure, Tiergan’s health did, indeed, improve. Legends say that during one of his walks he encountered Helga Hufflepuff, but these thesis have never been confirmed.


After a complete recovery, he returned back to his parents and continued his study in private. His interests included the history of magic, different philosophies and cultures, and astronomy. The only known memorable point of this part of Tiergan’s life is the Summer Solstice Ball that was held nearby and attended by a great many important wizarding families of that time, including the Ravenclaws with young Rowena. It is known that Tiergan was mesmerized by her beauty and was seen talking to her on numerous occasions during that night. Despite that, there never was a relationship between that.

Aged twenty, Tiergan left England to pursue his academic interests. Not much is known of that period apart from his name being mentioned in writings of scholars in Paris, Rome, Constantinople, and one Cairo, although that one is widely considered to be a mistake.

Tiergan returned to England seven years later and for mysterious reasons – although many say it was love – searched for Rowena Ravenclaw. He found her in the Scottish Highlands, surrounded by Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, and Helga Hufflepuff, all four just within ending the first-ever school year of the newly set-up Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Tiergan was elated at the idea and realization thereof.

Legends of that time claim that Tiergan Odd had not only met all of the Hogwarts founders, as indicated above, but also befriended them and possibly held a favour from each one of them. Using this to his advantage along with his knowledge and talent for persuasion, he allegedly won approval from all four founders to set up a fifth house – the Haremoon House.

Whether this is true no one can tell. We know, however, that a year after its foundation, the Hogwarts School was expanded by one house. Its start and consequent years were rather uneven, as the Sorting Hat had not been able to add Haremoon into its possibilities. Instead, the students were and are sorted into the original four and can themselves decide at the end of each year whether or not they wish to join the Haremoon House; that is why there are no first-year Haremoon students.

For more detail about the acceptance to Haremoon and Haremoon’s history, come to the next class.
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