Haremoon folk are overall calm and quiet people. It’s nearly impossible to get them angry, irritated or involved, which is why they sometimes come across as cold. In all honesty, they are just saving the ridiculous amounts of brain power and energy those conversations would have cost them for things they consider worthwhile.

Like developing projects and ideas. When a Haremoon gets something in their head, they usually pursue said thing until they make it happen or are forced to stop. This stubbornness along with the inventive nature have led the Haremoons to several great innovations and discoveries across all fields of the wizarding world, but also to many bitter ends.

Haremoons are decisive and calculative. They make sure to have all information obtainable, let many possibilities and outcomes float through their mind, and then make a decision by which they stand. If that decision proves to be a mistaken one, they re-evaluate and accommodate their first decision to the new information – they never just banish the first decision as a whole.

In society, Haremoons tend to keep to themselves, but recognize the power of friendships and acquaintances. When in a numerous group, they make sure to learn everybody’s names, occupations, and talents, and store them for future needs. In smaller numbers, tentative half-friendships are developed, and in the end, there are few people who are considered friends – for those, a Haremoon would do anything. Even listen to their mindless chatter.

To sum it up, Haremoons are mostly quiet, calm and inventive, but also decisive, steadfast and diligent, sometimes to the point of obsessiveness. Combined with their calculative nature, they can be dangerous enemies. If they are so inclined, and that is a big if because there’s nothing a Haremoon hates more then having wasted time on something insignificant. They seek future acquaintances that could provide help and favours, and in private secluded environments form real bonds of friendship that are essentially unbreakable.