The Common Room Stories is a series of short posts intended as either diary entries or school newspaper/house magazine articles. There are four students writing:

1. Leo
– second-year, 12 years old, originally Ravenclaw, half-blood
– interested in Potions, Charms, Herbology; not a fan of Defence against the Dark Arts

2. Meena
– fourth-year, 15 years old, originally Gryffindor, muggleborn
– interested in History, absolutely obsessed with Quidditch

3. Ava
– sixth-year, 16 years old, originally Hufflepuff, pureblood
– talented in Transfiguration, interested in journalistic writing

4. William
– sixth-year, 16 years old, originally Slytherin, half-blood
– works on making the Internet available at Hogwarts, big on Muggle Studies

The Common Room Stories is a place for anything and everything – thoughts and opinions, funny happenings of the day, decisions, frustrations, and drama, interviews, reports, notices and advertisements. It’s meant to open a window into the Haremoon house and let you all peek in.

PS: For now, everything will be designed and written by me, but if there’s anyone interested in being a Haremoon student for thirty minutes a week, please let me know – Social.