The Haremoon common room is situated on the ground level of the Astronomy tower. The entrance is hidden behind a tapestry that captures a night on the edge of a forest where an array of woodland animals stares at the moon that is, at the start, never full. Among the deer, mice, owls, and foxes, there’s also a single sleeping hare. To be allowed into the common room, you have to stroke the hare’s back to wake him up and tell him a password. The hare will then jump up to whisper to the moon. If the given password was right, the moon will expand into its full and turn into a door handle which opens the door like any other handle would.

The common room itself is a symmetrical circular space. Upon coming in, the first thing you’ll notice is the dome-like ceiling that is painted dark blue and portrays the night sky, and second the window right in front of you that gives the view of nothing but sky. It is accompanied by two more on the left and right side of the room. Those three windows along with the entrance form a square shape on the layout of the room.

To each side of the main window, there are staircases that lead up to the bedrooms – to the right for boys, to the left for girls.

There are four fireplaces that form another square; each fireplace falls into the spaces left between the windows and the entrance.

All in all, there are ten breaches of the wall – 3 doors, 3 windows, 4 fireplaces. Between them, the wall is covered with a plushed-up tapestry that acts like a pinboard, and each of those spots has a table and three chairs in front of it. By Haremoons, they are called Thinkpins – places where you can put up all your notes, ideas, discoveries, and results and think them through, developing them. Anyone can see it (unless you use a Concealing Charm), thereby anyone can provide feedback, opinion or alternative ways. Since there never was many students in Haremoon, the Thinkpin you pick usually stays yours for the whole year.

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Finally, there is a great lounge area in the middle of the room. Two curved couches form a circle and have – surprisingly – a circular table in the middle. It might seem ridiculous to others that Haremoons have so much space for studying and so little for relaxing, but no Haremoon ever complained.

The bedroom area has two floors, the lower housing students from second, third and fourth years, the upper those from fifth, sixth and seventh. Both floors are distorted so as to accommodate the staircase that all students use to reach the Astronomy tower. Both floors are also separated in the middle to keep boys and girls apart. Each half is then split into three rooms, one for a year.

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There is a third level to the Haremoon premises, and that is the balcony. Only students from the second bedroom level (that is years 5, 6 and 7) are allowed to use the space. It is known that tea parties and celebrations have been held up there, but usually, students use it to have a bit of fresh air after studying for their O.W.L.s or N.E.W.T.s.