Sept 10
I met Clara and James today. They were going out of the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom and I was about to go in and we kind of bumped into each other. Literally. They asked me how being a Haremoon was going so far and I told them it was great, brilliant even, and then they left because their next lesson was Charms half across the castle and professor Edmay was calling us into the classroom anyway.

I was telling the truth, I know I was. Haremoon is amazing. The people here are so much more like me, or what I’d like to be: they discuss more than just school stuff, more than just possible stuff. That’s what makes them different from Ravenclaws – Ravenclaws think and create, too, but the way they go about it is restricted by liking approved knowledge, and it sometimes holds them back. In Haremoon, I think nobody would look weird at me for suggesting something out of ordinary; I’m pretty sure they’d just hum, ponder, and then help me find a way to make it real, actually!

It’s just that I miss both Clara and James. They were really happy in Ravenclaw and probably still are and I wouldn’t want them to transfer to Haremoon just because of me, but it gets kind of lonely in here. Not there are not people in here, there are, but apart from one other girl who came from Hufflepuff and a boy from Gryffindor, I think, there’s no more second-year students. And others here are not really… not friendly, they are friendly when you go talk to them first, they just don’t feel the need to share space with anyone else, really.

But I promised my mom when I was getting on the train that I would do my best to find new friends in Haremoon. So tomorrow morning on the breakfast, I’ll try to talk to that boy. And if that doesn’t work out, I can still take a chance on the girl. Although that might be weird. After all, she is a girl.