Sept 15

So I’m officially sixteen since yesterday. Not that my parents care. I suppose birthday is not counted as a letter-worthy opportunity when you’re the disappointment of the family. Being Hufflepuff in an uptight pureblood family was bad, but I really thought that switching to Haremoon would improve things. Apparently, I was profoundly mistaken. My robe still smells a little of fire after that exploding Howler I got two weeks ago.

I’m pretty sure things would have been better if I were the only child. But since Joanne is Gryffindor and older, and James Slytherin and younger, not only do I get the misplaced Hufflepuff/Haremoon shame but also the middle child treatment – what I do has been done before & I’m not the precious baby.

But Jaymi did what he could to make my birthday a nice day. It will never cease to amaze me how thorough he is when it comes to planning events and organising other people. Family’s ignorance aside, yesterday was hands on the most amazing time I have had since our parents took us to see the MACUSA. There was a cake, pretty much every kind of cookie and caramel they sell in Honeydukes and the singing colour-changing balloons, and Jaymi somehow convinced the Headmistress to let us all out after dark, so we all got our brooms and flew around for a bit. I honestly don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have him.

Also, if the rumours are true, the Ravenclaws are launching a school newspaper and looking for contributors. I think this would be a great opportunity to try out reporter’s shoes; it might even get me that spot on The Daily Prophet I want. That along with the tutorials with professor McGonagall will be hard to schedule, though. I really do need to make a planner.