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What makes Haremoon ultimately different from other Hogwarts houses is that it was established a year after the actual opening of the school; that is, all four houses had already had a one-year’s worth of students when Haremoon was set up.

The idea behind Haremoon was born out of both Tiergan Odd’s feelings on someone else’s control over one’s life (the Sorting Hat deciding your house) and the fact that the Sorting Hat refused to – or simply couldn’t – accept the fifth house into its repertoire (see Sorting).

Haremoon isn’t a house to which you are sent; Haremoon is a house which you choose.

When the first school year in Hogwarts was over, the students were given a choice. If they thought they were Sorted into the wrong house; if they felt like they didn’t belong; if they simply wanted to, they could transfer into Haremoon. Since then, at the end of each school year, any student could pick Haremoon as their new house; whether they just finished their first year, or were going into their last.

Haremoon started out as very small. The first transfer students were Clemence and Christian Corvine, twins that were separated, one being sorted into Hufflepuff, the other to Gryffindor. They spent their second year as the only Haremoon students and since that meant a lot of time and space to work in peace, they drew out an outline of the Haremoon common room design and decoration. With Tiergan’s approval and help, those designs were later in the year applied and resulted in the look the common room has today.

A year later, the twins were joined by nine more students and gradually, the house grew into a stable number of more or less fifty students – still less than the other four houses, but enough to provide several students for each year. And so the Haremoon house quietly prospered, coming up with new ideas and ways of thinking. That is, until the influential families of that time proclaimed Haremoon to be an illegitimate house – look closely, even the Sorting Hat does not accept it!

Those families forbade their kids from joining Haremoon and since their social status was high and their word closely listened to and followed by those who wished to raise their family name as well, the Haremoon house slowly dwindled. It was long after Tiergan Odd’s death that the last Haremoon student left Hogwarts and for some time, the house disappeared from the school.

But a curious mind finds what it is looking for and because of that, Haremoon wasn’t lost. Forgotten for years, yes. But not lost.