Haremoons are curious, dedicated, and always seize the opportunity when they see one. Jacob Lave and Isabella Berth were no different.

Barely three days into their first years, Jacob and Isabella found themselves sitting next to each other in a Charms lesson and they were certainly not thrilled; Jacob’s mind flooded with Ew, posh Slytherin, while Isabella’s repeatedly murmured Ew, sniffy Ravenclaw. But once they saw each other perform magic as easily as others breathed, they took interest and began talking.

Four years and several discoveries in potions forward, Jacob and Isabella walked into the long-unused Haremoon common room – first to do so after nearly two hundred years – settled into the armchairs and began working again, now able to spend hours upon hours together without having to go back to their respective common rooms. They were both immersed in potions that affected the mind – if it confused, caused hysteria or conjured calmness, they wanted it.

Already having improved several concoctions that helped the patients of St. Mungo’s Hospital, they wanted to start something new; something that pushed the limits of magic in that day.

A truth serum.

By the end of their seventh year, they had done enough experiments and taken enough notes to write a book – but they were no closer to what they now called Alethe Dose. Jacob was slowly losing hope and had already suggested they focus on something else when Isabella proposed they cross the Atlantic and look for the missing ingredients there. Immediately, Jacob called it a madness.

The year was 1499 when their ship reached the shores of the barely discovered South America and they stepped – one of the first magicians to do so – into the vast rainforests that covered the land. The history then lost track of them. The notes they left behind speak of adventure and amazement, especially when it comes to Castelobruxo, a school of wizardry hidden inside the forest.

The Castelobruxo Daybook from that time speaks of two strange visitors from a far away land that had stayed on the school grounds for almost a year, exploring the fauna and flora in hopes of finding the final piece to their great invention.

When in 1502 Jacob and Isabella gave a presentation to the Academy of Magical Inventions and Discoveries (AMID) and unearthed the fruits of their long labour, half of the wizarding academia settled into awed silence while the other proclaimed Alethe Dose disgusting and downright evil.

The undeniable advantages it brought, however, could not be dismissed. And so Jacob Lave and Isabella Berth are celebrated as the inventors of the only existing truth potion – one we nowadays call Veritaserum.