Nobody told us doing the seventh year will be a suicide mission, okay. I’m starting to think getting through this one is going to be about as easy as the quest to destroy the One Ring. It’s been barely a week and I’m pretty sure I have never had this much stuff to do.

McGonnagall wants to do a big revision test on the whole of sixth year Transfiguration. Flitwick (that wonderful, wonderful guy) said that those who won’t get the Movement Spells right by the end of October will be leaving Charms. And the deadline for our final Muggle Studies project proposal is September 29 – Vinces has banged his head on something, or I’m dreaming.

I hope I’m dreaming.

Speaking of, I told Vinces about the Internet project, how I want to try and make it work in Hogwarts despite the anti-Muggle-technology barriers and concealments charms, and he agreed with all of it. Said it would be a hella lot of work, too, what with the lack of previous studies. I can’t comprehend that no one has ever tried to connect Hogwarts to the world wide web. I wouldn’t trade this place for anything, but it seriously needs connection. How are people supposed to get their basic Marvel knowledge if Wikias are not a thing?

(And Tumblr. And Facebook. Archive of Our Own. Paracelsus, even email would be a great step forward.)

So yeah. And to be honest, I think I might actually drop Charms anyways. Or at least I won’t take N.E.W.T. Charms. I still want to be in the classes because those theories and spells will very probably help me with the Internet project, but I don’t have it in me to do all the stuff that N.E.W.T. Charms require us to do (like mastering the above-mentioned Movement Spells).

Also, the magical creatures tracking system I have worked on during the summer didn’t come out right. It functions halfway. Apparently, some creatures can’t be traced because they naturally surround themselves with Concealing Charms, kind of like Hogwarts is hidden from Muggles. But I’ve been told this plaything of mine could be used in relation to the owl post, just to keep an eye on the urgent and important deliveries. I told Vinces and he was pretty excited. And very willing to help.

So maybe we’ll have our own special Amazon package tracking. I’ll count it as a win.