Professor Aurora Sinistra, Hogwarts’ Astronomy teacher and the head of Haremoon house, has agreed to talk with Stellarian about her decision to support Haremoon and become its leader. Our little chat is here for you!

You were one of the teachers that pushed the hardest for the disclosure of Haremoon. Why?
After the Battle of Hogwarts, the school was divided. Many students and teachers felt that the reason for what had happened stemmed from the barriers and constrictions that having houses brings. We had several proposals for closing the school, but the vast majority thought that what we needed was a little bit of history with a little bit of modernity, more openness and possibilities. Bringing Haremoon into the light of the day seemed to me as the best idea – an opinion I still stand for now.

Before Haremoon’s disclosure, you’ve never shown interest in being the head of a house. Why did that change?
The simplest answer I can give is that I felt certain responsibility after all the campaigning I did for Haremoon. I have known about its existence for several years and the idea of having a house that is open to anyone who wishes to enter was impossibly appealing to me. When the School Board and the staff came to the decision of enlightening the students of the possibility, the first thing that went through my mind was that I want to take part.

You had been teaching Astronomy before becoming the head of Haremoon house and still do so now. Has anything changed?
Well, I certainly get more students trailing into my office (smiles). Quite honestly, the teaching part stayed the same. The difference between being a teacher and being a head teacher lies in the fact that students go to me with their paperwork and study choices, get send to me when disciplinary actions are required, and when they want to transfer. All of which means that I get to know the students better and have a chance to familiarise myself with their ideas and opinions. It’s been both entertaining and enlightening.

Finally, is there anything you’d like to say to those who think of transferring to Haremoon?
First, make sure it’s really what you want because once you transfer, you cannot leave. And remember we are just another house – the common room is not fancier and the beds are not softer. But if you do decide to go, you will be wholeheartedly welcomed.