So I went to talk to Sinistra about the Haremoon Quidditch team again. And she told me the same as last year – if I find enough people to play for us, then everything’s cool and dandy. If I don’t, well, bummer. No sports activities for Haremoon.

I asked few people whether they would care to join. A few said yes. By ‘few’ I mean seven, and by ‘a few’ I mean two, which with me makes three, which means that – even if those two actually joined – we would still be four teammates short.

Some second-years looked like they would enjoy being recruited, the problem is that they would have to train at least twice as often as the rest of the team since they have barely a year of proper flight lessons. But it’s not like I can be picky. Even if I managed to make a team of seven half-competent players by the middle of October (the start of new Quidditch season), I’m pretty sure we would just get stomped into the pitch ground.

But I’ve never been one to give up easily, have I?

Speaking of not giving up, this fifth-year girl called Leanne approached me today about some Haremoon-history project she’s doing that’s on the edge of burning to ashes but it’s her baby and she wants to keep it. Apparently one of my roommates is her distant cousin and she told her about my ‘passion for historical occurrences’. I mean, with all the Quidditch things I want to do, there won’t be that much space for me to help her. But I swear to Merlin, her puppy eyes are doing Black Magic to my insides, so I agreed to meet her tomorrow after lunch for a briefing or something.

We’ll see about that.