So I talked to them both, the Hufflepuff girl (Elsa) and the Gryffindor boy (Nick). They are nice, but quite honestly, I don’t think me and Elsa are going to be friends. She’s all weird and makes fun of me (and others, too) and already formed some girl-bond with another Haremoon student.

But Nick is great. Or, he could be. For some reason, he keeps apologising nearly every time he says something. I mean, he sometimes is a bit rude, but I think it’s just the way he is, simply missing the brain-to-mouth filter. Usually, I just find it hilarious.

Anyway, there is this girl, her name is Meena, she’s a fourth-year, and she’s so much into Quidditch, I’ve never seen anything like that. Apparently, Haremoon has never really had a Quidditch team because there just wasn’t enough of us, but the really wants to make it happen and I think I could try? And maybe Nick could, too. It’d be so cool to be on the team together!

Like, honestly, I’m not that good. I’ve only ever flown in the lessons with Madame Hooch last year. She did say I was good, though, so maybe I could stand a chance? I told Nick he wasn’t all that excited, well, a tiny bit, but I suppose that was because he said just a minute before that something about me being a half-blood and felt guilty.

I think I’m going to send a letter to mum and dad and ask them what they think about it. I guess they would know anyway, since it’d be them who’ll (maybe) have to send my broom to me.