Among the best-known names of Haremoon alumni, none shines more brightly than that of Nina Coruscant. Originally a quite ordinary Hufflepuff student, Nina found herself caught up in a series of events that eventually aided her in establishing one of the most important legal documents in the wizarding world.

Already a Haremoon student, Nina Coruscant was halfway through both the sixth-year in Hogwarts and her development of Inventive Charms when a word arrived that her older sister got stranded on the Japanese island Minami Iwo Jima. Orphaned and with no one else to turn to for help, she took the risk and to the great surprise of everyone who knew her abandoned her work and began the long journey that would lead her to the only family she had left.

The 17th century Europe was neither a pleasant nor safe place for any practitioner of magic. The signs of the terrible witch hunts Nina had only heard of before were omnipresent no matter which road she decided to take. As Apparition was hardly an option for such a young person, the Floo network endangered anyone who was connected to it, and flying could only be done with the cover of darkness and in deserted areas, Nina was forced to take up more mundane ways of travel.

She encountered many horrors she would never forget – tortured screams coming from city hall’s cellar windows, pained shrieking reverberating in the air along with the cracking of fire, innocent people murdered for who they were thought to be; real wizarding families putting up wards around their houses to shield their children from the cruelty of Muggles. Nina herself got caught just once – she never spoke of the experience to anyone, but after her return, she had been known to avoid deep water like a plague.

Her journey hadn’t been pure horror, though. Along the way, Nina managed to befriend many wizards and witches who were more often than not willing to offer a secure place to stay the night. It had taken her months to reach her destination. Half out of her mind with fear that she was coming too late to rescue her sister, Nina found the girl happily tucked away at the ancient school of magic, Mahoutokoro.

The initial flare of anger that Nina couldn’t suppress – she had travelled this far and undergone so much, just a letter, a single word would’ve spared her all the trouble! – quickly faded away upon seeing the graceful and glorious halls of Mahoutokoro and having had worked with the staff in more fields than just her beloved Charms; she had fallen in love with the school and vowed to come back one day to both teach and learn.

Several years later, the Ministry of Magic along with other wizarding authorities came to the decision that the danger Muggles posed for the magical community was too great – and so the first draft of the International Statue of Secrecy saw the light of the day. Despite having many supporters in various parts of the world, there were plenty of those who would not see it agreed and sealed. And that was the moment when Nina Coruscant’s name gained all the credit and respect she has been and still is now remembered with.

Acting as a liaison among the nations, Nina visited every country in which she had friends and persuaded them to campaign in the Statue’s favour; after, she negotiated the terms and conditions under which the Statue would be later on signed – including Japan, whose objections towards the Statue rang the loudest.

And so, in 1689, the International Statue of Wizarding Secrecy was finally signed and in 1692 officially established. Nina Coruscant became somewhat of a heroic figure to everyone who felt threatened at the time, and throughout the rest of her life, she had been many times offered the position of the Head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation. But Nina was one to keep her promises; and so she devoted herself to being the best student and teacher Mahoutokoro had ever had. Even though it did not bring her any more recognition, it gave her peace, which was, after everything she had endured, everything she asked for.