Sept 24

So I found two players. Joe is a fifth-year, swift and tall, great for a Keeper. The second is a third-year girl, Kelly. I have never met anyone so tiny and quick to change in my life. When I told her she would make a perfect Seeker, she laughed so loudly the windows nearly broke and then she suddenly looked all serious and said she’d love to.

Two down, four to go.

I’m doing promotions in the common room and leaving leaflets all over the place, Joe and Kelly promised to ask their friends, but they both also said I should not count on it too much. Joe and his year are preparing for O.W.L.s, Kelly’s year are apparently – and I quote here – ‘a useless bunch of Flobberworms’. I don’t know if I believe her since her standards are obviously something else, but she’ll ask and that’s what matters.

And the Leanne history project thingie. It looks like she’s trying to gather as much information about the Corvine twins, the first transfer students Haremoon had. From what she said, it looks like she’s already been through a solid half of the library (which, what) and is in the middle of persuading Binns’ to tell her what he’s got. But it had always been a challenge to talk to Binns about anything, so it’s not going so well.

We agreed that I’ll launch an attack too, maybe he’ll crumble under our joint efforts. Anyway, we made Wednesday evenings our meeting times.

I know, I know! I said I wouldn’t have much time for things because of Quidditch! But I sort of can’t help it? She’s really nice and polite when she wants something and I swear again, the puppy eyes can’t be natural. I’m starting to think she has Riddle blood in her, that’s how persuasive she is.