My name is Kristyna and this blog is a university project of mine. The Haremoon House is my invention, somewhat – I can’t say ‘completely’ because that would diminish the work and thought of one amazing J.K. Rowling, wouldn’t it?

Haremoon is the fifth house of Hogwarts, and although its story and history are way more complicated than those of other houses, I do my best to make it as real and entertaining as possible.

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Enjoy your stay!



A Moment of Reflection

Being asked to produce a complete blog was probably one of the best assignments I have been given in my first year, an appealing combination of academia and personal interest.

I started with writing down potential topics. I could not do news, politics, sports or even fashion since it is not something I feel deeply connected with, so I chose to stick with what I know best – fandoms. After research and considering my abilities, the list boiled down to introducing the fifth Hogwarts house – Haremoon, on the blog FifthHogwarts.

Working with WordPress has been frustrating. As a Tumblr user, I am accustomed to being able to change the HTML of my sites for free. Although the themes provided are aesthetically pleasing and alterable, it did not make the work any easier; nonetheless, I welcome the experience.

Outlining the whole project was simple – once I established that Haremoon was the finalist, it seemed impossible to stop producing ideas. Everything from the house history to the current student body took about a week to research and develop; after that it was a matter of writing it down, supplementing details, picking the right topics for vlogs and podcasts and finding royalty-free picture sources.

Vlogging was a new experience and – after writing the posts – my favourite part. It required preparation since I am unable to sit in front of the camera and start talking; English words do not come easily to me when under pressure. I appreciated the pre-written script and possibility to do sentences several times over as much as editing the material and watching it become complete.

Podcasts, on the other hand, were more complicated. As mentioned previously, I am not one for spontaneous talk. I wanted to leave ‘giving a lecture’ for the written and filmed side of the blog, so I decided to do little snippets from the lives of current or prospective Haremoon students. Although they came out as I planned, I am not wholly satisfied with them, mostly because they do not provide either the complete freedom of creating your own picture in your head as writing does, nor do they show everything as videos do.

As I say in the Social Media Strategy Outline, I did my best to be active on the platforms regularly and post more than just links to the newest blog posts. From all the sites where I promoted, the most helpful was my personal Facebook account and Archive of Our Own, a website created for written fanworks.

Finally, the topic provided a vast potential readership and the content was aimed at it – around 20 years old, fans, and into reading. The idea in the proposed measure was unique (there’s only one other similar project), but I forgot that the amount of Harry Potter-related works published in fandom environments every day is enormous; one more blog is easily lost.

Nevertheless, I plan to carry on with blog, as more ideas for both written and filmed content are emerging that I cannot let slip.


Social Media

Social media play as important a role in the making of a successful blog as the quality of content or regular updates. For my own blog, I decided to stick with the main trinity – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I did my best to share more than just links to blog posts, to put up some extra content, and to post as often as possible. However, since I am not one to spend a lot of time on my own social media trinity, the latter has not been as successful as I had hoped. As I know from the statistics WordPress provides, the blog’s Twitter has not brought any visitors at all, Instagram a couple and the Facebook page about ten in the almost three months it exists.

I expected this, so I made sure to re-post everything on my Tumblr page – which has not helped much – but my private Facebook account and the links I added to my works on Archive of Our Own make for over 90% of traffic.

The last page the blog has is YouTube. Although the three videos I have made have about 40 views each, YouTube is not among the blog’s referrers.