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The Haremoon Common Room

The Haremoon common room is situated on the ground level of the Astronomy tower. The entrance is hidden behind a tapestry that captures a night on the edge of a forest where an array of woodland animals stares at the moon that is, at the start, never full. Among the deer, mice, owls, and foxes, there’s also a single sleeping hare. Continue reading “The Haremoon Common Room”

Meeting A Haremoon: House Traits

Haremoon folk are overall calm and quiet people. It’s nearly┬áimpossible to get them angry, irritated or involved, which is why they sometimes come across as cold. In all honesty, they are just saving the ridiculous amounts of brain power and energy those conversations would have cost them for things they consider worthwhile. Continue reading “Meeting A Haremoon: House Traits”

Haremoon: Basics

Haremoon is the fifth house of The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Its history is somewhat different from the other houses’, as you can read here, but its basic descriptives are not. Continue reading “Haremoon: Basics”

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