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Stellarian Newspaper: After the Battle, When Hogwarts Stood Torn

When the Battle of Hogwarts ended the Second Wizarding War in May 1998, many students and teachers found themselves standing in the ruins of a once proud castle and wondered, What do we do now? Continue reading “Stellarian Newspaper: After the Battle, When Hogwarts Stood Torn”


I’m Transferring

Stellarian Student Newspaper: Interviewing Aurora Sinistra

Professor Aurora Sinistra, Hogwarts’ Astronomy teacher and the head of Haremoon house, has agreed to talk with Stellarian about her decision to support Haremoon and become its leader. Our little chat is here for you! Continue reading “Stellarian Student Newspaper: Interviewing Aurora Sinistra”

How Do You Get Into Haremoon? | Sorting

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