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(In)Genius Minds: Veritaserum

Haremoons are curious, dedicated, and always seize the opportunity when they see one. Jacob Lave and Isabella Berth were no different.

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Where Did Haremoon Disappear To?

If you’d rather read the story, check below! Continue reading “Where Did Haremoon Disappear To?”

CRS: Celebrating & Contributing

Sept 15

So I’m officially sixteen since yesterday. Not that my parents care. I suppose birthday is not counted as a letter-worthy opportunity when you’re the disappointment of the family. Continue reading “CRS: Celebrating & Contributing”

Of Tiergan and Rowena

The story of how Tiergan met Rowena. Professor Binns does not approve.

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Overheard In Hogwarts

A snippet of a life of one Haremoon student.

CRS: First Impressions

Sept 10
I met Clara and James today. They were going out of the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom and I was about to go in and we kind of bumped into each other. Literally. Continue reading “CRS: First Impressions”

Of Tiergan and Helga

The story of how Tiergan met Helga. Professor Binns does not approve.

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How Do You Get Into Haremoon? | Sorting

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The Haremoon Common Room

The Haremoon common room is situated on the ground level of the Astronomy tower. The entrance is hidden behind a tapestry that captures a night on the edge of a forest where an array of woodland animals stares at the moon that is, at the start, never full. Among the deer, mice, owls, and foxes, there’s also a single sleeping hare. Continue reading “The Haremoon Common Room”

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