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CRS: “A Useless Bunch of Flobberworms”

Sept 24

So I found two players. Joe is a fifth-year, swift and tall, great for a Keeper. The second is a third-year girl, Kelly. I have never met anyone so tiny and quick to change in my life. When I told her she would make a perfect Seeker, she laughed so loudly the windows nearly broke and then she suddenly looked all serious and said she’d love to.

Two down, four to go. Continue reading “CRS: “A Useless Bunch of Flobberworms””


CRS: A Near Miss

Sept 21

If I hadn’t seen it before with my own two eyes, I never would’ve believed how amazingly unaware some wizards and witches are of Muggle popular culture. I mean, Star Wars is only one of the biggest franchises the world has ever seen, right, why would you pay it any attention? Continue reading “CRS: A Near Miss”

CRS: Lovely

Sept 19

So I was right, Hogwarts now does have a student newspaper! Continue reading “CRS: Lovely”

CRS: Haremoon’s Quidditch Team

So I went to talk to Sinistra about the Haremoon Quidditch team again. And she told me the same as last year – if I find enough people to play for us, then everything’s cool and dandy. If I don’t, well, bummer. Continue reading “CRS: Haremoon’s Quidditch Team”

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