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Stellarian Newspaper: After the Battle, When Hogwarts Stood Torn

When the Battle of Hogwarts ended the Second Wizarding War in May 1998, many students and teachers found themselves standing in the ruins of a once proud castle and wondered, What do we do now? Continue reading “Stellarian Newspaper: After the Battle, When Hogwarts Stood Torn”


Edgar Cloggs: Dead or Alive, He Shall Fly

The Haremoon ghost is certainly one of those who were mostly forgotten until the unlooked-for spotlight found them. Hidden away, sociable but usually alone, known to only a small group of people, Edgar Cloggs is… well, he’s Edgar Cloggs. The ghost that hangs around the Quidditch pitch all day, every day, for as long as anyone – alive or dead – can remember. Continue reading “Edgar Cloggs: Dead or Alive, He Shall Fly”

(In)Genius Minds: Statue of Secrecy

Among the best-known names of Haremoon alumni, none shines more brightly than that of Nina Coruscant. Originally a quite ordinary Hufflepuff student, Nina found herself caught up in a series of events that eventually aided her in establishing one of the most important legal documents in the wizarding world. Continue reading “(In)Genius Minds: Statue of Secrecy”

(In)Genius Minds: Apparition

Haremoons tend to be viewed as one of the ‘good’ houses of Hogwarts – people usually do not hold the same judgemental opinions on Haremoon students that the Hufflepuffs or Slytherins have to deal with. There are, however, some names that are regarded as tiptoeing along the edge between unacceptable and acceptable. One of them is Iniquina Luminare. Continue reading “(In)Genius Minds: Apparition”

(In)Genius Minds: Veritaserum

Haremoons are curious, dedicated, and always seize the opportunity when they see one. Jacob Lave and Isabella Berth were no different.

Continue reading “(In)Genius Minds: Veritaserum”

Where Did Haremoon Disappear To?

If you’d rather read the story, check below! Continue reading “Where Did Haremoon Disappear To?”

Of Tiergan and Rowena

The story of how Tiergan met Rowena. Professor Binns does not approve.

Continue reading “Of Tiergan and Rowena”

Of Tiergan and Helga

The story of how Tiergan met Helga. Professor Binns does not approve.

Continue reading “Of Tiergan and Helga”

The Haremoon Common Room

The Haremoon common room is situated on the ground level of the Astronomy tower. The entrance is hidden behind a tapestry that captures a night on the edge of a forest where an array of woodland animals stares at the moon that is, at the start, never full. Among the deer, mice, owls, and foxes, there’s also a single sleeping hare. Continue reading “The Haremoon Common Room”

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